Laura Chalfant

Vitality, Self Awareness, Heart

Relaxing Massage Therapy

Find the underlying cause of stress and dis-ease and transform your health through BodyTalk, an integrative intuitive healing system. 

BodyTalk is a comprehensive and effective integrative mind-body-energy system designed to uncover stress and dis-ease. It uses a subtle form of neuro-muscular bio-feedback and an integrative map of the body-mind.  This map represents a holistic view and integrates the physical, energetic and emotional bodies as well as consciousness, belief systems, and thought patterns.

  • The BodyTalk System addresses the body in a truly integrative and holistic way at the quantum level.

  • It is a comprehensive, effective, non-invasive and safe energy medicine that helps bring the body back into homeostasis.

  • This activates the restorative and regenerative nervous system, also known as the parasympathetic nervous system. 

  • When in the parasympathetic mode the body is able to heal itself.

  • Optimal health is achieved when all of the body parts and systems are functioning properly and their activities are synchronized.

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