BodyTalk is an Intuitive MindBodyEnergy healing system.


It integrates the latest scientific research with traditional medicinal theories

and practices.


My focus of study has been accessing the epigenetic code to work with

the following health challenges; cancer, liver detoxification,

ancestral epigenetic locks, and anti-aging.  As well as balancing

hormone and neurotransmitter communicators to support weight

and metabolism, stress and relaxation and female hormone changes.


I have also trained in; Eastern medicine, 5 elements, complex family system matrices, Rolfing structural integration.  I also work with past life, present life and ancestral trauma.  


My clients range from those with cancer and other chronic conditions, immune system disorders, impaired autonomic nervous system, psychic, emotional  and physical trauma, lyme disease, microbiome and gut dysfunction, tinnitus, structural imbalances, brain and endocrine stressors, childhood social angst and family system fractures


I work with health care practitioners and spiritual seekers who are looking for a deeper level of integration within the mind/body/spirit and those who are looking for the next step in their evolution as healers, in their business and on their life journey. 


Join me for an adventure of multidimensional rejuvenation.

Laura Chalfant Intuitive Healing

© 2017 by Laura Chalfant

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